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Let our insurance agency help you take the hassle from health care reform compliance. We have a proven track record in knowledge, experience, and technology. Macomb Benefits located in Rochester Hills, Michigan has put many hours into the understanding of the Affordable Care Act and its implications for Michigan business' and business' throughout the nation. Our team is prepared to manage every aspect of healthcare reform compliance for your company, to help you avoid the fines that can result from improper implementation. As a result, you can focus on your business instead of trying to sort out the complexities of healthcare reform. Macomb Benefits has uses the most current avenues to simplify benefits administration and free up time for your HR staff we use: -Online enrollment. -Extensive employee self-service options -Elimination of paper processes. Macomb Benefits will help your business: -Avoid costly government penalties. -Communicate benefits more clearly to employees. s Online and Onsite -Make sure you have access to leading-edge technology. Our Staff is highly educated and will give you the direction and understanding you need with the current health care reform issues.

Who - Macomb Benefits Insurance help manage your insurance benefits and understand how ACA affects you:

For a Quote Please contact us so we can begin:


•Supporting your benefit plan

  needs one step at a time


•Benchmark health claims data


•Provide insight into future

  health costs before they happen


•Make your premium dollar the

  most effective for your needs


We communicate with you in a very timely manor. You our customer is important to our company. We answer any question you have about your insura
Macomb Benefits understands compliace, we have read Obamacare aka ACA with our laywer to iove you a better advantage and to save you money.
at macomb benefits  insrance we help keep your costs down by knowing the law and making sure we know youe insurance needs
Healthcare reform is changing every year we stay ontop of the changes to give you the best quality healthcare at the lowest price.

What - we help you understand the insurance process every step of the way with:

Why - We help you save money:

Our Insruance Agency is located in Shelby Township in Macomb County. We understand Group Insurance and Single Payer Insurance ACA, Medical Ins

Obamacare and Compliance

Macomb Benefit Insurance will give you a quote for your company, family or indidvidual Medical Healthcare Insurance needs.

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